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From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 20:24:00 +0000 (UTC)

                            Menlo Park “Trail” Repairs under Santa Cruz Ave.
                                                    Too Little, Too Late
Signs were posted closing the trail for (long overdue)repairs.  Because of the traffic issuesbetween the Sand Hill and Alpine intersections many cyclists use this “trail”rather than the surface bike lanes because they are taken up with cars going tothe hospital.  I did not see any priornotice of this closure before this weekend.

The underpass has long suffered from  erosion and subsidence, making it dangerousfor cyclists since there are continual problems with large gaps and off-sets inthe asphalt.  There is a fair amount ofdetritus from the hillside caused by slippage and erosion, resulting in thepath being partially blocked by rocks. This issue also needs to be addressed in addition to trail repair.

Another concern is what appears to be a horizontal crack in oneof the piers.

Yet another problem is the continual use of “cubby holes” byhomeless.  This has been a problem formany years and might be a concern for parents whose kids use that route to getto and from La Entrada.  It might alsopresent an environmental issue since it is adjacent to the San FrancisquitoCreek.  Photos taken by my husband  on July 20 and previously,show evidence ofhabitation and graffiti beside the trail.  There is apillow in the pathway that has been there for some time. Regular lawenforcement patrol of this trail, both for this problem is required, andbecause some cyclists  travel atexcessive speeds on this underpass and have injured pedestrians and othercyclists in the process.

It is good that some maintenance work is to be done, but itis way overdue and probably insufficient since the “trail,” as well as drainage,bank slippage (indicated by horizontally stepped striations) and the erosionproblems, all need major engineering work. The underpass is non ADA compliant because of slope and curves.  It was originally put in (according to LarryHorton of Stanford)  to allow StanfordWeekend Acres access to Sand Hill road since their street level path had beenobliterated by the widening of the intersection.  However, this path has been largely co-opted by speeding cyclists so that it has becomedangerous for pedestrians.

The trees along the stretch of Alpine between Rural Lane andJunipero Serra also need attention.  Onedead tree has been lying beside the road for a considerable time.  An acacia tree at the intersection needstrimming to allow proper line of sight. The street signs are not visible because of branches, and in addition,have been worn out for some time so that they are not legible.

In September schools will be in operation and the newhospitals will open.  Neither the citynor Stanford seem to have made any preparations for this.  The intersections are already way below an“F” in terms of use.  As it is, drivers oftencannot get through the Alpine intersection even when the light is green becauseof the traffic going to the hospital.  There are no informative signs, and the inabilityof cyclists to negotiate the space between the two intersections safely willget far worse than it already is.
From time to time the city has done minor “band aid” work onthe ”trail” but a lot more substantive engineering work  is required because the “trail” is a hazard.

Other than the signs, no prior notice was given to effected neighborhoods

Please note sloughing near the top of the bank as well as further down beneath the underpass.  This needs to be stabilized.

Lack of stabilization creates hazard for both pedestrians and cyclists since the detritus creates tripping hazards and narrows the path. It requires frequent maintenance currently performed mainly by users of the trail.

Poorly maintained cracks and off-sets are equally hazardous to pedestrians and cyclists alike

These are not all small rocks that come down.  That's my size 12 shoe in the foreground.

This is just after the entrance to the underpass coming from Sand hill Road.  Sometimes the trash gets moved around but it's been like this for months.  Also, please not the horizontal "crack" in the column.

This trash covers the entrance to a crawl space big enough for a person to enter.

Evidence of a homeless shelter?? adjacent to Junipero Serra

This pillow has been here for weeks and was originally over by the crawlspace in the earlier picture.

Safety hazard created by line of sight obstruction leading to the underpass.  This branch needs to be removed asap.

another line of sight obstruction of the trail along Alpine leading to the underpass.  There should be periodic (scheduled) inspections along this path to ensure the safety of trail users.

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Received on Mon Jul 22 2019 - 13:24:00 PDT

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