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Trucks - Need for Menlo park to Deal with the Dangers

From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019 23:37:04 +0000 (UTC)

Relevant City Muni Codes:

11.48.020 This lists designated truck routes on which vehicles over 3tons may travel.  It lists Alpine road withincity limits.  This comprisesabout 2 city blocks from Santa Cruz Ave to Rural Lane or perhaps 1/8thof a mile!  The only access to AlpineRoad other than Sand Hill Road would be via Santa Cruz Ave or Alameda, neither ofwhich are designated routes, and would appear to be restricted routes at least withincity limits.

11.48.050(d) Requires all trucks entering from an outside jurisdiction (e.g.Atherton) to only use the permitted truck routes listed in 11.48.020.

11.48.080 lists penalties

11.48.90 There can be exceptions but there has to be an application filedto get a permit.

11.48.140 Conditions of approval of a permit require that theapplicant show that such a permit is  forthe public health and safety.

Problem:Large numbers of double dump trucks are roaring downAlameda, Santa Cruz and Alpine Road, often in excess of the speed limit.  These are coming from construction sitesalong Walsh road and from Sacred Heart School: both areas within Atherton.  I followed one yesterday from Alpine to thesite.  It detached one of its dumptrailers along Alameda (in the bike lane) and proceeded with just one trailerto a site on Walsh road.  Today, around10:30 a.m.  I saw many such double dumptrucks travelling to I-280 along Alpine road. These were from the same firms as those I followed up Walsh Road wherethere are numerous construction and grading sites.
Alternative Route:
Woodside road is the logical route for most Atherton trucksto take since it is significantly closer, has far fewer traffic lights, anddoes not have unregulated school crossings, school buses, senior livingquarters, a busy business district,  manypedestrian crossings and is controlled by Atherton police and does not have torely on the CHP or MPPD.
Safety Issues:
These trucks frequently do not observe the speed limits.  They cannot stop on a dime which is anecessity along Alpine Road which has several blind corners and  curves, plus hundreds of cyclists.  In the recent past there has been onetruck/cyclist death on Alpine and a pedestrian death on Santa Cruz Avenue.  Santa Cruz and Alameda have sharrows and a 25mph speed limit making truck traffic very dangerous.  There are limited sidewalks and pedestrianshave to use the roadway, which is another safety factor.  Double dump trucks are inherently dangeroussince the rear trailer swings into the bike lane whenever there is a bend inthe road.  Also, there is parking alongAlameda and Santa Cruz and homes that directly front onto the road, which inmany cases requires the resident to back out onto the road between parkedcars.   The business district has manysmall enterprises that have limited parking, making ingress and egresshazardous. None of these factors apply along Alameda within Atherton’sjurisdiction.
Stanford Trucks:Last week Santa Clara County found Stanford in violation ofthe 2000 GUP for using Alpine as a truck route because of safety concerns.  They are no longer able to use Alpine fortheir dump trucks.  The same rationaleshould apply to Atherton trucks.

CONCLUSION: The logicalconclusion as to why Atherton Planning Dept. allows Atherton construction vehiclesto use Menlo Park and San Mateo County roads for their large dump trucks, isthat Atherton wants to dump that traffic onto other jurisdictions.  San Mateo County Public Works has formed aTask Force in coordination with the City of Menlo Park to deal with safetyproblems in the Santa Cruz/Alameda/Alpine corridor, and it behooves the City toget on board with improving safety for its residents by taking Atherton to taskfor abusing streets and residents of jurisdictions other than their own.
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