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Bike Lanes

From: domainremoved <dhmbay>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019 23:34:35 +0000

Dear City Council.

  I know Menlo Park is a pro bicycle city, and do hope you can assist in fixing a dangerous condition. On the Alameda de las Pulgas, there is a very narrow bike lane on the west side, there is no parking on this side. This is between Walsh rd, and Santa Cruz ave. The problem is trash cans being placed in the bike lane for pick up. This is a very busy street, there is no room for the trash cans and the bikes. I have had some very close calls of being run over by cars while dodging the trash cans. Calls to Recology, the trash contractor have yielded no change. I have suggested having the cans placed on the driveway ramps, but this was rejected by Recology, no reason given.

  Keep in mind that it is illegal to block a bike lane, CVC 21211.

Other than placing the cans on the driveway ramp, other options maybe having yardside pick up, having cans placed on east side of street only, where the lane is much wider, or restriping the street to make the bike lane wider. Some decades ago, long before we got the new larger garbage cans, the street did not have the two way center turn lane, parking was allowed on both sides, and there was room for bikes.

  Would the city please work on resolving this safety issue? The bottom line is that the current practice of placing cans in the bike lane IS illegal., it is unsafe.

  I look forward to your usual good response to safety concerns of bicyclists.

Dave Menche
Received on Tue Jul 16 2019 - 16:28:09 PDT

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