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The Hampton Inn Development

From: domainremoved <Carla>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2019 18:05:31 -0700

To the Menlo Park City Council and the Menlo Park Planning Commission:
I speak for many of my neighbors on Buckthorn Way, Stone Pine Lane and
Forest Lane. We, the members of Park Forest Home Owners Associations, have
grave concerns about the proposed Hampton Inn development at the site of
the Red Cottage Inn. The current architectural plans describe an massive,
ugly and intrusive building which is inappropriate for this low density
residential neighborhood. Its operation will generate intolerable noise,
traffic, congestion, and trash. Such a commercial venture should never be
allowed to degrade the good living that our leafy cul-de-sac promises.
The proposed Hampton Inn must be built in such a way as to preserve the
quality of life of the people that were in the neighborhood before its
existence. It should not be allowed to house any more guests that the
current Red Cottage Inn; it should not loom three stories high and with
windows overlooking the Forest Lane residences; its presence should not be
felt in the area by the obnoxious traffic, trash, noise and light pollution
it will create.

We do not believe this Hampton Inn development is of any benefit to the
neighborhood - quite the contrary - and do not support the application of
the Public Benefit Bonus provision here.. The Hampton Inn does not, in its
current form, belong here.


Carla Shnier
139 Stone Pine Lane
Received on Mon Jul 15 2019 - 17:59:15 PDT

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