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Parking in downtown Menlo Park

From: Anita & Bruce Ochieano <"Anita>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2019 18:21:40 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council members,

Please read the comment chain below from today’s NextDoor to get some views
on parking in downtown Menlo Park.

Thank you,
Anita Ochieano

Parking midday in downtown Menlo Park has become a huge headache. Last week
I drove to Palo Alto rather than shop at the Ace Hardware on Santa Cruz
Avenue. Not shopping in my own community did not feel right but I knew
going elsewhere is often more convenient. For example, on two recent
occasions I tried unsuccessfully to find a parking space in the plaza near
Gray’s Paint and left without stopping. Unfortunately, the downtown-parking
problem will get much worse, especially once the Station 1300 and Middle
Plaza developments are completed. View the entire post at
I welcome your comments on my posts and encourage you to share my blog with

Thank you! Dana Hendrickson

John O'Brien <https://nextdoor.com/profile/35096981/>

, Park Forest·2 hr ago

Maybe instead of driving solo to downtown Menlo Park or Palo Alto, you
should explore alternative commute opportunities. Rather than relying on
others to solve our first world problems, we need to rely on ourselves and
take responsibility for the impact we are making on our planet.


Anita Ochieano <https://nextdoor.com/profile/15564/>

, Stanford Oaks·1 hr ago

Unfortunately there are times when driving to downtown is what works. I
walk to downtown often because I have the time and enjoy walking, but if
I'm buying a gallon of paint or picking up cleaning, walking or biking do
not work. Some are not physically able to walk or bike downtown. Others
might be on their way home from work, have time constraints, or have a
bunch of small children with them. Sometimes foul weather is not conducive
to walking or biking. Like Dana, I've had occasions when I've been unable
to find a space. After wasting gas for 15 minutes, I head for Redwood City.
We have wonderful merchants and restaurants downtown that we should
support. Over the last five years many parking spaces have been eliminated
so this support can be difficult. Several years ago when I asked a member
of the traffic commission about the lack of parking, she said "The problem
isn't too few parking spaces, the problem is too much demand for parking."
So is her solution to have all our merchants go out of business so the
demand goes away? Today's Daily Post quotes the owner of Roundtable Pizza
who says his private lot is often filled with non-customers' cars so his
customers have no place to park.

Tricia Young <https://nextdoor.com/profile/64426/>

, West Atherton·1 hr ago

I go to Ace Hardware on Woodside Rd in Woodside Plaza. Because of lack of
parking I hardly ever go downtown Menlo Park anymore. Either Stanford
Shopping Center or Redwood City for me... especially because they’ve taken
away parking spots for the ugly pop out restaurant cafés.

David Lehmann <https://nextdoor.com/profile/1889338/>

, Vintage Oaks·1 hr ago

Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Redwood City, all have downtown
parking garages. What is Menlo Park's problem?
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