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BootUp's violations continue

From: domainremoved <Andres>
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2019 19:44:40 -0700

Hi Deanna and Mark,

BootUp keeps organizing events and disrupting the peace in the
neighborhood. They had a large crowd partying and cooking in the patio
last Wednesday evening June 19th. As of 8:30pm we could still hear them.
BootUp also had another event last Friday evening June 21st. BootUp
continues to violate their zoning rules and to defy all previous warnings
from the City. BootUp's actions also show that their founders do not
respect the neighbors as they ignore all the numerous complaints and
negative feedback.

The lack of firm action by the City of Menlo Park is only exacerbating this
ongoing nuisance problem in the community. The City of Menlo Park
undermines its own system of rules and protocols when it lets BootUp get
away with numerous violations after countless warnings and complaints. The
residents and businesses of the City of Menlo Park will question why they
are required to follow rules and permits when BootUp has been allowed to
get away scot-free for the last 3 years.

The City of Menlo Park has given enough warnings and opportunities to
BootUp. Stop giving BootUp special deference. You need to start imposing
fines to BootUp for every violation or they will get out of control once
again. The neighbors are exasperated. What is it going to take for the
City of Menlo Park to enforce its municipal and abate this situation once
for all?

Thank you,
Andres Mediavilla
Received on Sun Jun 23 2019 - 19:38:53 PDT

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