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Architectural concerns regarding 1704 ECR Hampton Inn

From: domainremoved <Deborah>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2019 11:19:16 -0700

22 June 2019

TO: Planning Commission and City Council

 FROM: Deborah Melmon, Buckthorn Park HOa

Dear Planning Commissioners,

This letter addresses specific concerns the Buckthorn Park HOA have
regarding the design of the proposed Hampton Inn project.

*Fencing:* Mr. Patel has agreed to replace certain areas of fencing with an
8' wood fence. we want to make sure that the 8' fence is measured from the
interior of our property as we sit on a foundation that makes the fence
seem taller from the Red Cottage Inn property. Also, the stretch of fence
along the alley that borders the Buckthorn Park HOA needs to be replaced so
that it will match the height along the northern elevation when it turns
the corner. Otherwise I will have two heights of fence on my property.

*Transformer:* When Mr. Patel submitted his initial plan for this hotel in
March 2018, the transformer was positioned in the alley behind the newly
designated trash area. In October, when his position reversed regarding the
under-ground parking and setbacks, the transformer was placed in the back
northeast corner of his property, next to our common fence and 8' from my
house at 148 Buckthorn. This is not acceptable to me and does not feel like
the safest place for a high-voltage transformer to be placed. I request
that it be moved back to where it was originally planned for in March 2018.

*Paint color:* Our homes on Buckthorn Way are the most significantly
impacted by this hotel. We will be losing an enormous amount of landscape,
which includes the huge heritage valley oak. Replacement will be a
three-story hotel with a white facade that will reflect the hot afternoon
sun and be an enormous eyesore. I contend that the hotel color needs to be
one of the alternative choices so that the building not only recedes into
the background but also fits with the flavor of Menlo Park. The only white
buildings along the El Camino are two automotive shops, a mattress store
and McDonalds.

*Alley Disturbance: *This is of great concern for those of us whose windows
open to the alley. We need assurance that trash trucks (who do several
pickups per week) will not be operating before 8am or after 5pm. We also
ask that the alley is never used for deliveries as it is very tight
quarters and would severely impact the Buckthorn and Park Forest homes with
trucks virtually in our backyards.

We feel this project is not ready for a vote until our design concerns are
resolved and the PBB and murky definition of what that actually means for
the public is figured out.

Thank you,

Deborah Melmon, 148 Buckthorn Way

Received on Sat Jun 22 2019 - 11:13:43 PDT

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