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DEADLINE EXTENDED - Second Unit "One Stop Shop" Pilot Program

From: domainremoved <Nevada>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 10:56:29 -0700

Dear Honorable Mayor Mueller and City Councilmembers,

I am a member of the housing commission; I am speaking for myself in this

I just wanted to share that Home For All’s important pilot program on ADUs
has extended the deadline to apply to June 30th.

Although the work plan for the Housing Commission is not yet approved, it
is a proposed priority “1” item to study and advance the production of ADUs
as it generally accepted as a more feasible way to add units in the “build-
out” R-1-U/single family neighborhoods.

You may know that in my capacity as Director of Housing Development for
MidPen Housing, I also serve on the County of San Mateo’s Home For All
Advisory Board. I am hopeful that the City will take advantage of the
County’s good efforts to advance the supply of housing in our region.
(Again, I am speaking for "myself" - not as a representative of my employer
or Home For All).

Thank you for considering participating in this effort.

Nevada Merriman

*From:* Sherry Golestan <sgolestan_at_(domainremoved)
*Sent:* Thursday, May 2, 2019 2:14 PM
*Subject:* DEADLINE EXTENDED - Second Unit "One Stop Shop" Pilot Program


In response to feedback from potential applicants, Home For All has decided
to extend the due date for Letters of Interest for the Second Unit “One
Stop Shop” Program to June 30, 2019. In addition, we wanted to provide
clarification regarding the availability of Symbium’s BUILD service for
second units. We’re pleased to inform potential applicants that one of the
benefits offered to Pilot Program Participants is free, expedited access to
a “high” level of coverage within Symbium’s BUILD portal for second units.
Please see the attached Addendum to the Solicitation for Letters of
Interest for additional details. The original Solicitation was circulated
on April 11th.

Home For All looks forward to working with Second Unit “One Stop Shop”
Pilot Participants to enhance production of second units throughout the

Thank you,


*From:* Sherry Golestan *On Behalf Of *Peggy Jensen
*Sent:* Thursday, April 11, 2019 2:24 PM
*Subject:* Home For All: Second Unit "One Stop Shop" Pilot Program

Good afternoon,

Home For All is pleased to announce the release of a Solicitation for
Letters of Interest for a Second Unit “One Stop Shop” Pilot Program. As
cities and towns in San Mateo County are well aware, second units are a key
tool in our region’s housing toolkit and a top priority for Home For All.
Second units have tremendous potential to increase the amount and variety
of a community’s housing stock with limited cost to local government, while
leveraging existing infrastructure and maintaining neighborhood character.

The goal of the One Stop Shop Pilot Program is to provide technical support
to homeowners who are interested in building a second unit on their
property but need help getting across the finish line. The One Stop Shop
Pilot Program would leverage the investment in and momentum of the
online *Second
Unit Resource Center <http://secondunitcentersmc.org/>* launched by Home
for All and 21 Elements last year. *The goal of the Pilot Program is to
demonstrate that making feasibility and project management services more
accessible to qualified homeowners is a cost-effective way to produce new
housing in San Mateo County. *Lessons learned from the Pilot Program will
inform the design of future homeowner incentives that drive deeper public
benefits, such as more affordable rents and asset-building for low- and
moderate-income homeowners.

*Home For All is pleased to offer matching funds of $50,000* to each
participating city/town, which will also be required to contribute at
least $50,000 to the One Stop Shop Pilot Program. In addition to San Mateo
County, which will participate in the Pilot Program on behalf of
unincorporated areas, Home For All will select up to 4 participating
cities/towns, for a total of up to 5 Pilot jurisdictions. Program
Administrator Hello Housing will partner with participating jurisdictions
to develop program evaluation goals, a marketing and outreach plan, and
homeowner eligibility criteria (such as income restrictions for the
participating homeowner or a willingness to rent at an affordable price). The
goal of the One Stop Shop Pilot Program is to complete at least 4 second
units in each participating jurisdiction, for a total of approximately 20
second units overall.

We encourage all municipalities in San Mateo County to review the attached
Solicitation for Letters of Interest, including a more detailed description
of the Pilot Program, and consider submitting a response.

This One Stop Shop Pilot Program will be administered in partnership with Hello
Housing <http://www.hellohousing.org/>, a nonprofit housing organization
and an affiliate of MidPen Housing. Hello Housing partners with cities and
counties throughout the Bay Area to design and administer a broad range of
housing programs, with a focus on “missing middle” affordable housing

Thank you,


*Peggy Jensen*

Deputy County Manager

San Mateo County

400 County Center

Redwood City, CA 94063

T: 650 363-4598
Received on Thu Jun 20 2019 - 10:51:42 PDT

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