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1704 ECR: Vehement opposition to the Hampton Inn build

From: domainremoved <Ching-Yu>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2019 20:03:53 -0700

Hi Menlo Park Commission:

I am a resident of Park Forest in Menlo Park and wanted to provide further
thoughts on 1704 ECR on behalf of myself and my husband cc'ed. Thanks for
your consideration.

I moved in just a few months ago and it looks like several of my neighbors
had tried to negotiate with the developer to reduce the size of the Hampton
Inn. I am writing to support them in that effort. However, as a new
resident, I want to voice my opinion that I am completely vehemently
opposed to any development by the Hampton Inn.

There is no real public benefit from this project as they claim. If the
commission is unable to identify a public benefit, this whole project
should be reconsidered.

Even the selection of a Hampton Inn in Menlo Park is completely odd and out
of character for the entire city that will have decades of impact. The
Hampton Inn is arguably a low-mid tier hotel that will attract an
uncharacteristic level of traffic and noise among other potential concerns
with low quality hotels. Consider this, if the Hampton Inn was built less
than one block from your home with the guest windows that could look into
your own home, I would venture to guess that it would be a large issue for
you as well. I suggest googling "Hampton Inn Crime" and see what type of
results come up compared to other brands. There is a reason why there are
so few Hampton Inn's along the peninsula if any.

Thanks again for your consideration. I'm happy to elaborate anytime if you
have any questions.

Received on Wed Jun 19 2019 - 19:58:49 PDT

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