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From: domainremoved <S>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2019 16:17:21 -0700

Dear Commissioners -

I live on Buckthorn Way in the Buckthorn Park development. I’m writing to
express the views of several residents in our HOA, along with Park Forest.
We have studied Mr. Patel's proposal to build an expanded Hampton Inn since
the fall of 2016. I’ve spoken at one meeting and relayed our concerns about
noise, density, privacy, traffic and design and signed the petition along
side the Park Forest residents.

We as neighbors have proactively campaigned, against size and design of the
development, considering it will replace a large oak tree and lots of
greenery with an unobtrusive business. We tried working with Mr. Patel,
but received less consideration than our more populous neighboring HOA, but
tried to work with them to reach a compromise. We shared our concerns and
desire for underground parking, property line set backs, and a visual set
back to the Forest Lane and Buckthorn sides of the hotel, in addition to
tall trees that would shield the building from view. We were concerned
about the unreasonableness of the Public Benefit Bonus for the Low Density
NE area, in which we reside, and continue to strongly protest its
application. Mr. Patel's change to his plans in 2018, moving the
underground parking to the ground level, changing the setback, and
increasing the bulk and the proposing blinding color of the building, etc.,
showed his total lack of concern about the issues we raised. I have spoken
at a meeting, and continue to oppose that plan.

As some of my neighbors have mentioned and I would like to echo herein, we
need to question the application of this Public Benefit Bonus for the Low
Density NE area. The traffic congestion seems to have quadrupled, so that
turning into and from El Camino or Middlefield takes several minutes, due
to lack of stop lights or stop signs. A large hotel in this area would
significantly exacerbate the situation. The city needs to revisit the
circumstances for granting a right to high density in a low-density zoned
district, especially since the hotel location is not on El Camino Real, but
several hundred feet back from the road.

Furthermore, it is unclear that the Transit Occupancy Tax will be collected
as expected and that will not resolve any of the traffic, noise, and
size/decor issues that would result if this project is approved.

In addition, the large mature trees that are "diseased" or "dying" should
be examined by a third party, before they are removed.
Thank you in advance for considering my concerns.

Kind regards,

Suzan Liao
132 Buckthorn Way
Menlo Park
Received on Wed Jun 19 2019 - 16:12:27 PDT

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