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Moratorium in District 1/Belle Haven

From: domainremoved <Opal>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2019 23:48:23 -0700

Good evening, my name is Opal Okikiade, I live at 1366 Hollyburne Ave, Menlo Park, California. 94025.
I have lived here since 1975. Raised my three children here. I worked in East Palo Alto all of those years as well. At one time it took me 10 minutes to get to work, before I retired two and a half years ago it took me more than 30 minutes to get to work. Gridlock just to cross Willow Road and little has change. I heard the discussions about the traffics across 101 but we have the same nightmares. When will our needs be met??
The bus schedule during school season is a joke. Students and seniors are crowded on the buses like sardines, yet one see other bus routes with lots of space.

My children and I use to only had to wipe down and dust weekly, now with all of the construction doing on it a daily need. You say we need more housing but for who? Not the people who live here or our children and family. There are no low in come housing for the families who were and are here, just like jobs for them are not here.
In all my years the only thing which is done is you send someone to come and pick our brain only to tell us it’s a twenty year away plan. Then you send another one to tell us “let’s look at a twenty year plan, again, I know these people are being paid. Why not listen to the people we have voted in to represent us be be to do their job with you working side by side with them and stop the lip service. Together we can make all of Menlo Park Great. My parents moved us to Menlo Park in 1959. So I am here for the long haul. Let’s work together for one helping the other, so the homes, stores, gas stations, small business and parks are all equal. Thank you Mrs. Cecilia Taylor for the hard work you do for Belle Haven.

Thank you for your time,
Opal Okikiade

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