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June 11th meeting input re. Proposed Moratorium

From: domainremoved <Clem>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2019 14:18:04 -0700

Dear members of the City Council, 6/6/19

Subject: *Proposed Development Moratorium*

My name is Clem Molony. I am a 40-year homeowner in the Willows
neighborhood. During my career as an environmental manager I was required
to study EIRs which led to an interest in land-use planning,
transit-oriented development, and now advocacy for housing solutions.

I am writing today in support of increasing Menlo Park’s housing
availability. Reasons:

1) Keeping more homes and apartments affordable will be the result of
greater availability of housing.

2) The positive impacts of building more homes locally include that: a)
it allows our neighbors, co-workers, and kids to continue living here, and
b) more homes for lease will keep rents under control.

3) Low and moderate income families are us: teachers, medical
workers, service
workers, blue-collar workers, retired seniors.

Housing is a shared public concern, part of our society’s values. We have
been hearing more and more from community input that there is widening
support for new policies to solve our housing crisis. Policies to
incentivize the construction of more homes locally, in order to *increase
the availability of housing*.

Therefore, I feel that *any moratorium on building new housing is a mistake*.
 Housing availability is a key part of the solution to our housing crisis.

Thank you for doing the hard work on City Council to provide solutions to
our community’s needs.

Clem Molony

Menalto Avenue
Received on Thu Jun 06 2019 - 14:12:32 PDT

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