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PAPD covers up Racism

From: domainremoved <Tony>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2019 22:50:26 +0000

Palo Alto Police Captain Zach Perron stated to a fellow officer that "African Americans" don't swim. But instead of referring to African Americans as fellow Americans as equals under the law, Captain Perron referred to African Americans as inferior to himself based upon the color of their skin, by referring to them as the "N" word.

Officer Barbour, the target of Perron's "implicit bias" which is just a euphemism for, "explicit prejudice," was asked by the Daily Post<https://padailypost.com/2019/05/22/cops-use-of-n-word-led-to-investigation-that-never-became-public/> to provide details of the incident and the cover up but he fears being retaliated, harmed, by police officers, either from the Palo Alto Police Department, or from his own new agency, if he were to provide those details to the Post.

Think about that for a moment. A United States, an American, Police Officer who was the victim of racial prejudice is fearful of telling his story about that racial prejudice and injustice because other police officers may harm him in some manner for doing so.

That is what you call tyranny. That is the current character of the Palo Alto Police Department. That is what the character of the police department has been for decades. That is antithetical to American ideals and the U.S. Constitution's purpose, equal protection of the law.

All condoned by former Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns as well as the former and the current PAPD command staff.

This conduct is very similar to how Chief Burns covered up the beating of Albert Hopkins, an African American, by Palo Alto Police Officers a decade earlier, back in 2004. Nothing changes over ten years.


It is why the current PAPD command staff is covering up the actions of Ofc. Conde and ofc. Cuevas.

Officer Perron, for your information, African Americans do swim, and they swim quit well. Your conclusion was based upon preconceived false stereotypes and prejudices that affected your assumptions for that was what your conclusion was based upon, which is often the case when you take facts out of context rendering them no facts at all.





Cop's use of n-word led to investigation that never became public - Palo Alto Daily Post<https://padailypost.com/2019/05/22/cops-use-of-n-word-led-to-investigation-that-never-became-public/>
BY ALLISON LEVITSKY Daily Post Staff Writer. Palo Alto police Capt. Zach Perron was investigated for using a racial slur while speaking to a black officer — and the probe wasn’t shown to the city’s independent police auditor, keeping it out of the public eye.

Tony Ciampi

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