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Re: BootUp Ventures' Use Permit Application / Zoning Violations

From: Mueller, Ray <"Mueller,>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 21:53:43 +0000

Thank you for your email. As it addresses the granting of a permit before the Planning Commission, that may be appealed to the City Council, the applicant has due process rights. As such it would be inappropriate to address the matter substantively prior to it’s public hearing.

In the meantime it is appropriate and welcomed, and you are invited to provide public comment to the Planning Commission.

If you believe an ordinance or building code is being violated in the meantime your complaint can be registered with the City Attorney or the Police Department. The City Council is not charged with the investigation and enforcement of code violations.

With kind regards,
Ray Mueller

(please excuse odd punctuation. my laptop does not always work well with the City's email system.)
From: Andres Mediavilla <andres.mediavilla_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2019 2:20:04 PM
To: Mueller, Ray; Carlton, M.Catherine; _CCIN; Casados, Nicole
Subject: BootUp Ventures' Use Permit Application / Zoning Violations

Dear City Council Member Catherine Carlton and Mayor Ray Mueller,

BootUp Ventures just applied for a use permit revision application. This permit only adds insult to injury. BootUp has constantly violated both their C1 zoning rules and the City noise ordinances for 3 years. BootUp has been assaulting the peace and quiet of the neighborhood since its inception with hundreds of events and parties without a single permit. We have reported these public nuisances to the City Council members and many other City staff on numerous times. We presented along with our attorney at the City Council urging the City to take action on December 12, 2017.

Mrs. Carlton and Mr. Mueller, you both welcomed BootUp into our neighborhood with full knowledge of BootUp’s business intentions. You have expressed excitement and interest in having BootUp’s business in Menlo Park and you seem to know well both its founders. You both traveled to India with BootUp’s founder Mukul Agarwal in 2015 to garner businesses for the City. These established business connections are still active today, and surely BootUp Ventures is somehow involved in these business transactions. You both have also known of BootUp’s violations and the noise and disturbances caused to the neighbors all this time, and yet, you haven’t tried to resolve this situation. You appear to be biased or have a conflict of interest in this matter. Your lack of action has only benefited BootUp to the detriment of the surrounding neighbors. This is a disservice to the community.

The neighbors’ quality of life and enjoyment of their homes cannot continue to be sabotaged in this manner. This ongoing situation with BootUp is both unfair and highly disruptive to our lives. This permit, if approved, will not resolve the situation but only worsen it. Given your relationship with BootUp and its founders, and given your interest in BootUp’s business, it’s time that you actively lead the effort to resolve this situation. The City of Menlo Park needs to deny BootUp’s permit. You wouldn’t think twice if your families’ and your lives were the ones affected by this constant conflict and nuisance. You need to compel BootUp to respect our neighborhood and to find the proper venue in the proper zoning area somewhere else to organize their events. BootUp’s current location and zoning area at 68 Willow Rd are not suitable for events.


Andres Mediavilla
Received on Sun May 19 2019 - 14:48:21 PDT

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