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Residence Parking Request on El Camino Real

From: domainremoved <Michael>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2019 03:48:43 +0000

Dear City Council Representative,

My name is Michael Lui and I live with my wife, Kyra, at 1267 El Camino Real #3 above of Guys Plumbing & Heating Inc. Im writing to describe a parking problem and to request your help in finding a favorable solution. My wife and I have been Menlo Park residents for around 3 years, living the entire time at our current address. We love this city and have enjoyed all this city has to offer small town feel, convenient downtown with good shops and eateries, safety, and great community events put on by you, City Council. Its an ideal city situated at the heart of the Bay Are and is ideally located for both me and my wife since she works at Stanford University and I in San Mateo. Menlo Park is the city in which we hope to raise a family.

There is a challenge, however, living in Menlo Park and thats parking. Since weve lived here, weve adjusted to the strict street parking rules around our home: 1 hour parking from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Living above a business, there is no available parking in the back since they need it for business customers and operations (utlity trucks). Normally, this parking situation isnt an issue since my wife and I are at work during the day and arrive home after the street parking rules expire. Issues arise, though, when one of us is home sick (home during the day) we have to wake up early, drive our cars to Oak Grove or Hoover, hope to find a spot, and then walk back home to get back in bed to rest and heal. Its not an ideal situation when youre sick, but neither is being fined hundreds of dollars for not moving your car off the street.

My wife and I have good news that were expecting our first child on November 1, 2019. Were ecstatic and are already preparing our home for our new family member. Since my wife will be home for 6 months on maternity leave to rear our newborn, were worried about the logistical, health, and safety challenges the day street parking rules pose. We are in need of convenient and accessible day parking to allow for proper rest (whenever we can get it) and allow for quick trips to the grocery store. We wish to plan our lives around our infant (especially their sleeping schedule) instead of planning around the street parking schedule. We worry and stress thinking about leaving our apartment with a crying baby, loading them into a car to go search for day parking and then walking back home; and then doing this twice a day to go retrieve the car and then doing this for 6 months rain or shine. We need your help.

My wife and I would like to formally request a 6 month exception (expiring May 1st) to park on the street outside our apartment to assist with our raising of our newborn child. We are wondering if this can be done with a placard of some sort or permit sticker or any other solution. We are open to ideas. Please help us.

Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Lui

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