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Removal of Redwoods at 1000 El Camino Real

From: domainremoved <Kerstyn>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 22:37:48 -0400


I am out of town on a long-scheduled trip and unable to attend the City Council meeting tomorrow night. I do not support the removal of seven heritage Redwood trees at the city-owned property of 1000 El Camino Real. Among other benefits, the aesthetic value and sense of place that these trees provide for downtown Menlo Park should not be underestimated. I ask that the City works with the building management and the people of Menlo Park to come up with a reasonable solution. All possible avenues, including those developed by residents at their own expense, should be thoroughly explored to preserve these trees. There have been far too many heritage trees lost in and around downtown during my nearly ten years as a homeowner in Linfield Oaks. Many trees around Burgess Park and the Menlo Park Civic Center were lost during the drought, including several Redwoods at the police station on Laurel that suffered and were cut down when the City abruptly stopped watering the lawn in front of them. A large, beautiful Oak toppled during construction at 1010-1026 Alma Street. Nearly all of the trees, including heritage Redwoods and Oaks, were removed for the developments at 550 El Camino and 1300 El Camino. These are just a few examples and in just one part of the City. I am saddened that Menlo Park would sacrifice seven healthy, mature Redwoods to repair a parking structure and hope that something more can be done to protect our heritage trees.

Kerstyn Crumb
Sherwood Way, Linfield Oaks
Received on Mon May 13 2019 - 19:32:31 PDT

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