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Regional transit committee?

From: domainremoved <Adina>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2019 16:50:53 -0700

Hi, Mayor Mueller, Council Member Combs, and Council members,

Menlo Park has a City Council Rail Committee that is reviewing topic
relating to important Regional Rail projects on the Caltrain and Dumbarton
Corridor, for potential decisions of the full Council regarding how these
important corridors can best benefit the city and avoid impacts.

In considering the mission of the Committee, I am wondering if it may be
helpful to modestly broaden the scope of the Committee to Regional Transit.

The SamTrans Dumbarton study had robust recommendations for regional bus
service, in addition to rail service. The improvements for regional bus
connections were seen as potentially lower-hanging fruit than rebuilding
the rail line. So far there has been much less visibility into these
improvements that have the potential to relieve some of the traffic

In addition, SamTrans is moving forward with 101 corridor regional bus
service that will take advantage of 101 managed lanes; though the initial
program does not include Menlo Park.

In the interest of pursuing the congestion relief goals of the City
Council, does it make sense to broaden the mission of the Committee to
consider regional transit including bus service, where such services are
being worked on by regional agencies.


- Adina
Adina Levin
Received on Thu May 09 2019 - 16:45:59 PDT

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