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Leaf blower ban

From: domainremoved <Carole>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2019 16:09:36 -0700

It’s time for Menlo Park to ban gas powered leaf blowers (and other gas powered yard maintenance equipment, while you’re at it). Battery powered alternatives are readily and affordably available, so there really is no excuse not to ban the gas blowers. This is one simple thing we can do to improve air quality and reduce green house gas emissions locally. It would also help to be more restrictive about the use of leaf blowers. Currently, blowers are used to blow debris from sidewalks and parking strips into the middle of the street- often into the faces of children riding their bicycles to school. Perhaps a leaf blower shouldn’t be the equipment of choice for street sweeping, and at the very least it shouldn’t be allowed during times when children are riding to/from school.

Carole Grace
Garland Drive
Received on Thu May 09 2019 - 16:04:24 PDT

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