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Save the heritage trees on El Camino and Ravenswood

From: domainremoved <Lisa>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 18:08:43 -0700

I am writing to support the appeal of the Planning Commission's decision to
recommend/approve removal of the 7 redwood trees located near the corner of
El Camino Real and Ravenswood. I attended that meeting and was distressed
to hear of the outcome.

These trees are in our town center, and we are supposed to be a Tree City
of sorts, and we even have a tree logo, but lately it seems like too many
Menlo Park trees are getting cut down or ruined by excessive trimming etc.
(see the 1911 Menalto situation, or that great climbing tree that now lies
fallen in Fremont Park, among other examples). I feel like we should be
exploring alternatives more seriously whenever it comes to choosing to
hastily destroy our majestic trees. Yes, I'm sure such alternatives cost
more, but I think it's worthwhile to save these beautiful and
environmentally valuable trees which are not so easily replaced. Saving
money should not be the all-important deciding factor in everything. If we
keep chopping down our trees, pretty soon the Menlo Park section of El
Camino will look a lot like the Fair Oaks area on Middlefield Road (if you
don't know what I'm talking about, take a drive up Middlefield and you can
tell from the sudden dearth of street trees EXACTLY where Atherton ends and
Redwood City begins...)

I understand there's a new alternative being proposed for this latest site
in Menlo Park, so I am asking that you all give this very serious
consideration at the upcoming meeting on May 14, and vote to save those 7
trees (who cannot speak for themselves!) If the owner has to pay a little
more in order to save those trees, so be it, I don't see that as
unreasonable for a man of his means - it was his fault for planting them in
that location in the first place, now he needs to take responsibility and
put in the extra funds needed to save them, for the sake of our community
(and the environment).

Thank you,

Lisa Golden
Downtown Menlo Park resident since 2007
Received on Mon May 06 2019 - 18:03:43 PDT

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