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Study Session SS1. Willow Village

From: domainremoved <Pamela>
Date: Sun, 5 May 2019 16:54:46 -0700

Dear City Council,

*No* to Facebook Willow Village based on my comments below:

In isolation of all other M2 current and proposed projects, the Facebook
“Willow Village” project is a creative and innovative vision of
live-work-play communities of the future which I fully support. Ideally, a
“village” would mitigate traffic by providing accessibility to retail,
work, education, public transportation, and outdoor areas. This project in
its current design would further increase the jobs housing imbalance due to
the amount of office space. This project is inappropriate for an area that
is already deeply impacted by the current build-out in M2.

It is unfortunate that the long-requested amenities for the Belle Haven
neighborhood are tied to this project. This tie-in appears to force
residents to accept the project without question or comment. If the project
was 1/3rd the office space, 100% increase in (affordable at all levels)
housing including for purchase, and direct access to Bayfront over the
marsh land and proposed Dumbarton railway, it would be more acceptable.

The current project would significantly impact the deeply congested traffic
on Willow Road, O’Brien Street and force additional cut-through traffic.
This additional traffic will affect the Belle Haven neighborhood in Menlo
Park and several neighborhoods in East Palo Alto. The traffic will also
further degrade the air quality in the surrounding areas.

Information on the actual number of Facebook employees on their fifteen
(15) campuses is not readily available. It is also difficult to find the
actual square footage of office space. A rough estimate of current
employees maybe as high as 18,000 occupying over 3 million square feet of
owned or leased property. *(see chart below*)

The Willow Village would add an additional 1.75 million square feet of
office space for 9,000 employees, a hotel, public accessible public space,
retail, and 1500 apartments. The apartments would house approximately 3,000
people. Access to Willow Village for current residents in District 1
(including 540 units on Haven Street) would be difficult if not unsafe, as
it requires negotiating Willow Road. This may trigger Caltrans to widen
Willow Road or flyovers to move traffic between Bayfront and 101.

In addition, residents in the proposed apartment and condominium
developments (1388 units) would have to navigate through the M2 and
Hamilton Avenue to reach retail services. This proposed development could
possibly yield as many 2800 new residents.

There are multiple unaddressed issues that either have not been answered,
or studies completed identifying additional problems created for residents
in District 1 since massive building began in 2014. Below is a partial list:

1. No air quality testing in the residential areas of District 1.

2. Traffic mitigation in residential area has not been completely
implemented with follow-up assessment.

3. No current housing displacement studies that includes property
ownership has been conducted.

4. No housing study that identifies number of apartments and homes
unoccupied, reserved for Airbnb, corporate sponsored, or otherwise
unavailable to the public.

5. Current office buildings have not been completed with employee
occupancy and traffic mitigated.

In summary, absolutely *no* new development in District 1 M2. Problems
must be solved before more are created. It maybe be time Facebook consider
less space per employee (currently ranges from 152 to 166) and creatively
utilize currently occupied buildings.

Respectfully, Pamela D. Jones



*Square Feet*


*1 *

1 Hacker Way




*2 *

1 Facebook Way MKP 20




*3 *

1 Facebook Way MPK 21




*4 *

1 Facebook Way MPK 22



*5 *

300 Constitution MPK 23




*6 *

200 Constitution MPK 24



*7 *

190 Jefferson MPK 25



*8 *

180 Jefferson MPK 26



*9 *

220 Jefferson MPK 27



*10 *

164 Jefferson MPK 28



*11 *

260 Constitution MPK 29



*12 *

125 Constitution Menlo Gateway Bldg 1




*13 *

135 Constitution Menlo Gateway Bldg 2




*14 *

100 Independence Menlo Gateway Bldg 3




*15 *

Prologis Site




Facebook Willow Village






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Received on Sun May 05 2019 - 16:50:13 PDT

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