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Regarding the Newall/chauser bridge & EPA euclid apartment change

From: domainremoved <TIFFANY>
Date: Sat, 4 May 2019 10:51:39 -0700

Hi. My name is Tiffany Finley-Souza and I've lived in the willow community pretty much all my life. I have seen it change from the worse.
I heard about these two projects and wondered if Menlo Park Counsel Board ever communicate to EPA and to Palo Alto about the plans. I understand the bridge issue, but that project needs to take atleast 3-4 months to do and needs to be in the summer time. Both bridges are detours to getting into different cities and commute is faster. I'm sure you thought this through with the chauser/pope bridge, but with this bridge you need to think carefully. This undergoing project on that bridge will impact a ton of traffic on Middlefield, willow, woodland, university, Hamilton, and all other major streets and not to mention the 101 freeway. The willow crazy traffic will get worse if doing this bridge project. Is it really so necessary to do or you just want to replace it, because you think it's old. We are not having any flooding problems since you fixed this issue couple years ago. I think the smaller hold of under the bridge is better, because it won't allow any broken trees or branches to get through and be stuck. You will have a ton of angry drivers if doing atleast the chauser/pope bridge. I think the Newall bridge can be fixed without problems.

About the apartment idea in EPA. https://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/2018/12/19/hundreds-of-new-housing-units-proposed-in-east-palo-alto I think MP counsel should consult with EPA and PA counsel about this. Adding more buildings for apartments/hotels in a crowded and peaceful area will cause heavier traffic, need to build more laundry places, markets, and dont forget more roads. To build more buildings and take down the old ones to make more units is to have more roads. Why not build an on/off ramp from Manhatton Ave and reopen Oak ct and another street near Oak c.f. to make a connection to the woodland rd. Since EPA is planning to demolish some apartments on Euclid ave then build a road to replace the building or make woodland 2 lanes each way instead of one. I personally believe the city should have a roght to tell property owners when enough is enough with the building. Thankyou for reading. I hope you did, because it's long. However, I and the Willow community says no to the bridge and apartment building.
Now to concentrate on building more roads and car access near the Dumbarton bridge. You know that is a freeway project to look into.

Sincerely, Tiffany Fimley-Souza

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