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Happy Arbor Day

From: domainremoved <margaret>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2019 16:16:40 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members,

Wishing you a very happy Arbor Day. Today is the day to enjoy all of
the beautiful trees that we have in Menlo Park. Wanted to share with
you an article about how important trees are to our health, well being,
and our quality of life:

In the spirit of Arbor Day I am urging each Council Member to please
vote on May 7th to save the seven beautiful heritage redwood trees that
are located at 1,000 El Camino Real.

As a resident of Menlo Park since the early 1990's I have so enjoyed the
city's commitment throughout the years to protect our green canopy. I
moved from Palo Alto to Menlo Park in the early 90's since I LOVED the
residential character and the leafy green streets of our city. I live
right near the corner of Santa Margarita and Gilbert. Everyday I am
reminded of the city's commitment to our heritage trees as I drive
around the beautiful Oak tree that is thriving in the middle of Gilbert
Avenue. Rather than cut the tree down the city choose to preserve it
for future generations to enjoy.

Please consider other alternatives to cutting down the seven redwood
trees for the following reasons:

         * The City's staff report confirms that the trees are not causing any
damage to the building i.e. the damage to the underground parking lot
was not caused by the trees.
         * There is currently no imminent danger to the building as confirmed
by the building's owner at the EOC meeting.
         * Since the lifespan of the underground parking lot's waterproof
membrane is 30 years, the water erosion issue will recur again with or
without the trees.
         * The value of these redwood trees to our environment and quality of
life is 'priceless'. Studies show that coastal redwoods capture more
carbon dioxide (CO2) from our cars, trucks and power plants than any
other tree on Earth.

You have the opportunity to continue in the tradition of our City
Leaders who chose to save an OAK Tree in the middle of Gilbert Ave so
many years ago when you vote on May 7th. Please vote to preserve the
seven redwood trees that are part of the beautiful grove of trees
gracing the corner of El Camino and Ravenswood. Our future generations
will thank you.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Margaret Spak

381 Santa Margarita
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tel: 650 325-1442
Received on Fri Apr 26 2019 - 16:11:40 PDT

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