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Please support Redflex and Tasers

From: domainremoved <Stefan>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2019 13:10:32 -0700

Dear City Council!

I am a long-term Menlo Park resident and member of the Police Chief's
citizen advisory board.

I believe at tomorrow's City Council meeting you will be discussing the
extension of the Redflex camera contract as well the continued use and
possible acquisition of new tasers for the police force. Unfortunately, I
won't be able to attend the session in person tomorrow.

I am in favor of both of these items. In the advisory council at the time
when they were first authorized we discussed them in great detail.

The Redflex cameras on ECR discourage speeding and recklessness through the
entire downtown corridor. I simply do not see a lot of downside to keeping
them. The fact that they don't "make a lot of money" I actually think is a
plus. I know they save a fair amount of policing manpower and probably have
prevented numerous accidents.

The taser as a non-lethal weapon to me is far superior to the use of a gun.
Obviously, we all hope neither would be required but a (potentially
excessive force) police shooting would be highly unfortunate. By removing
the taser from the officer's arsenal you are likely increasing that chance
of such an incident.

Thank you for your service!

Best regards,
Stefan Petry
Received on Mon Apr 08 2019 - 13:06:39 PDT

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