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TRAFFIC (Phillips School expansion)

From: domainremoved <Rise>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2019 09:31:55 -0700

*Please see my comments included. I am asking the City of Menlo Park to
work with the County of San Mateo to address the continued massive increase
in cut through traffic at the intersection of Avy and Alschul. I cannot
support continued enrollment and summer school with the current disregard
of the neighborhood. *

Dear Menlo Park Mayor, Board of Supervisors and Planning Departments,

I regret that I cannot continue to support the Phillips Brooks School with
their continued expansion. The reason is that there is too much traffic at
the intersection of Avy and Altschul every day.

The original school was built for neighborhood children to walk to the
campus. When student population declined the campus was rented. If it
hadn’t, La Entrada would not have had to construct a new building when
enrollment increased! The Phillips Brooks students are being driven from
elsewhere. In that sense, it is operating as a business and this is not a
business zone.

Many University Heights residents have been expressing traffic concerns for
years. We have battled against a large commercial office building proposed on
the Alameda de las Pulgas in the late 1990’s. Altschul, a single lane road
(running one block to the west) used to be a “safe route” for pedestrians ,
bikes, and senior pedestrians. Now it is an overflow for the Sand Hill 280
on-ramp. Cars back up on this one-way street every morning.

I have witnessed a car driving south on Altschul hit a little boy walking
with his mother in the crosswalk, my car was broadsided at the same
location, many cars have driven down Monte Rosa too fast and hit the fire
hydrant (this is where older kids wait for the school bus every morning),
and cars routinely run the stop sign and speed up the hill.

PLEASE coordinated with the County and share traffic counts that will
demonstrate the traffic impacting the neighborhood *in all directions. *

I have saved information on University Heights and included it in a large
envelope that demonstrates the challenges of this neighborhood. I have left
it with Mathew Pruter, associate planner 6505-330-6703,

Please review these numerous items, traffic counts, letter verifying the
boy being hit, continued requests for traffic calming, etc.


Risë Krag

2198 Avy Ave. Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Tue Apr 02 2019 - 09:27:29 PDT

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