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MENLO PARK SENIOR CENTER - 25th Year Anniversary, a time to celebrate !

From: domainremoved <Jim>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 21:59:47 +0000 (UTC)

Honorable Mayor and Council Members:
Twenty-five (25) years ago the Menlo Park City Council celebrated the Grand Opening of a newly constructed Senior Center located at 110 Terminal Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025, a 11,000 square foot, single story beautiful building within the Onetta M. Harris Community Center (formerly known as the Belle Haven Community Center).  The exact date was February 26, 1994.  It was a grand occasion marked by a number of local officials, including Anna Eshoo, D., U.S. Congress. 
The program has withstood the test of time, growing in popularity with expanded and new programs lead by a long term dedicated staff.  The Menlo Park Historical Association (MPHA) has summarized information gathered from its extensive archives on the two sheets attached. One is entitled a Fact Sheet and the other a list of 18 newspaper articles, many of which had historical photographs that adds clarity to the joy many have experienced visiting this place.
At a time when so much change can be seen all around us, nationally, regionally and locally, it is comforting that some things remain sacred, popular and valued. For those in their senior years, the Senior Center offers a refuge, an opportunity to mingle with others, enjoy a nutritious meal, take classes and overall bringing new meaning to the day.  Thanks are especially extended to the many staff members in the Menlo Park Community Services Department that make this possible, including Derek Schweigart, Director and Avideh Yaghmai-Samardar, Senior Center Director and Ariel Tinajero, Assistant. Their leadership is to be commended.
Jim Lewis, PresidentMenlo Park Historical Association (MPHA)800 Alma Street, Lower LevelMenlo Park, CA 94025Tel. (650) 330-2529website:  www.sites.google.com/site/mphistoricalwebsite:  www.sites.google.com/twomenlosistersfacebook: www.facebook.com/menloparkhistorical
Encl. Menlo Park Senior Center - Fact Sheet, 1 page          Menlo Park Senior Center - Newspaper Articles, 1 page

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