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Congestion Relief

From: Brian Gilmer <"Brian>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 12:53:53 -0700

Dear City Council,


I am writing to encourage you, strongly encourage you, to include Traffic
congestion management to the Transportation goals for the city. I have been
involved with the Willows Traffic issues such as cut through traffic,
speeding and stop sign running, for many years. The changes that the
residents have championed in my neighborhood have had a very positive
impact. There are other neighborhoods in our wonderful city that are also
impacted by traffic congestion and they need the same attention. If we
think about it traffic congestion probably has the largest personal impact
to the majority of Menlo Park residents. Being able to leave and return
home without getting stuck in traffic or being able to be at home without
long lines of cars on nearby roads honking at each other are important to
most of us. I think that as a city it behooves us to focus on the issue of
traffic congestion, and ways to alleviate it, as a priority. I hope you all
vote to make this a priority for the Transportation plan.


Thank you for your time


Best Regards,



Brian Gilmer
Received on Tue Mar 26 2019 - 12:49:36 PDT

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