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March 26, 2019 CC meeting - Regarding Temporary turn restrictions in the Willows neighborhood (J2); TMP Goal #8 Traffic Congestion Management; and TMP Project List. (I2)

From: Daniel Hom <"Daniel>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2019 17:46:26 -0700

Dear Council Members, CSC, TMP and Transportation Staff

In advance to City Council March 26, 2019 meeting.

On behalf of Daniel and Alice Hom, Menlo Park residents over 27 years. We
offer the following comments as it relates to: Regarding Temporary turn
restrictions in the Willows neighborhood (J2); TMP Goal #8 Traffic
Congestion Management; and TMP Project List. (I2)

. Regarding Temporary turn data collection - Please remind staff to
include the traffic data on Willow Road. It should be noted that Willow Road
is consistently backed up to Middlefield Road during rush hours. In 2017,
residents on Willow Road expressed concerns regarding the additional traffic
potentially caused by the temporary restrictions in the Willow Neighborhood.
More data should be collected after the 101 Interchange work is finished in
May 2019. The Transportation Department explained that weeks could be needed
for traffic patterns to adjust. The residents on Willow Road have been very
patient with the traffic congestion, hoping it will improve once the
interchange is complete. It's nice that the Willow Neighborhood improved
with the new signs, enforcement, speed humps and other traffic calming
measures. I hope this isn't at the sacrifice of the residents living on
Willow Road.

. Regarding the Traffic Congestion Management additional goal -
Traffic congestion is a regional problem. Adding the TMP 8th goal is fine;
however I worry that the root cause and solutions may not be properly
addressed. Development such as MidPen needs amenities (i.e. Safeway, banks,
restaurants.) immediately in the neighborhood. Facebook and other offices
should connect seamlessly to 101, Dumbarton and Caltrain (without travel
through MP streets). 20 Points seems high making this amongst the top
priority along with Safety.

. Regarding Restricting cut through traffic - in a 2017 CC meeting,
I support restricting cut through traffic. However, the concern is where the
traffic will migrate. 80% of traffic is from outside the city boundaries.
The burden should not be solely on a handful of streets. City commissions
should work to assure vehicle trip counts are lower.

. Regarding the TMP Project 185 Dumbarton - Access to TIDE school
and Bell Haven could become an issue on Marsh and Willow if congestion
continues. It's good that there's bike bridge at Van Buren Rd. Perhaps TMP
Project 185 (Dumbarton corridor) should include shuttle vehicle crossing to
help connect local MP residents since not everyone has an option to ride a
bike and walk. The Dumbarton transit is years away, yet there's already an
easement and over crossing that could be available sooner.

. Regarding the TMP Project list Regional Project - Years ago the
topic of connecting Bayfront with Hwy 101 at Marsh and Oregon Expressway was
discussed. This major project should be included similar to the Dumbarton
Transit corridor. Stanford's General Use plan, HSR, Caltrans ridership
growth, and other critical regional issues may need to be addressed in the

. Regarding the TMP Large/Outreach/Straightforward Projects 45, 46,
47, 69, 70 along Willow Road - In theory, I support these projects for the
reasons Staff state. Additionally, once again, I offer the following project
previously emailed to Council, CSC, and TMP OOC (Feb 2019 attached) I
believe it meets the City's crosswalk policy and should rank well for
Safety, Calming, and Sustainability. Green Infrastructure can be achieved if
rebuilt bulb outs are designed to capture storm water. Congestion Management
is negligible with traffic signal modernization. This new project should
rank as Relatively Straightforward and easy to implement. Willow Road will
continue to have speeding vehicles unless calming measures are implemented.

Thank-you once again for your time and dedication.

Daniel and Alice Hom

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