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Oh, if only

From: domainremoved <Debra>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2019 18:43:10 -0700

I worry constantly when driving at night because bikers AND pedestrians take no thought for their own safety. It is scareyto say the least!


Pedestrians: PLEASE, wear light colored pants, tops, and jackets. Wrap the baby you’re carrying in a WHITE BLANKET, put flashing lights on your baby stroller and on your child’s clothing.

Human life is so precious!

Do give some thought to the driver who may hit you because of your negligence. The nightmare of hitting someone will never fade no matter whose fault it is.

Few ELDERLY CITIZENS will stop driving UNLESS THE DMV STARTS TESTING THEIR DRIVER SKILLS!!! Anyone can pass the written test.

I am turning 80 soon and have no plans to stop driving. I live alone, public transportation does not stop where I live. Taxi, UBER/Lyft services are not a welcome alternative. Driver’s cars are not kept clean and drivers do nothing to help you feel safe or comfortable driving with a stranger. They don’t even bother to remind you to put on Safety Belts.

I drive to many Doctor appts and church functions, to Volunteer, and Shop . I am healthy and could easily live beyond 100.

I definitely know that I don’t see like I used to. My peripheral vision is poor so I often don’t see someone approaching from the side of my car until the last minute. It’s very upsetting to both the pedestrian AND me. However, if pedestrians and bikers would not ASSUME DRIVERS SEE EVERYTHING THAT MOVES THIS WOULD EASE THE PROBLEM. They need to STOP AND MAKE SURE THEY HAVE EYE CONTACT WUTH DRIVERS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET.

Drivers should not be held responsible for the growing negligence that pervades bikers and pedestrians. It’s outrageously irresponsible!!!

I have recently purchased the night vision yellow glasses and that helps to cut the glare from LED car head lights but doesn’t particularly help
the biker/pedestrian problem..

Laws need to be rewritten.
Debra REIF
2140 Santa Cruz Ave, C-102, Menlo Park

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