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Reparations and SB 50 -Palo Alto Weekly March 22, 2019 by Aram James

From: domainremoved <Aram>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2019 21:37:02 -0700

> Palo Alto Weekly
> Spectrum - March 22, 2019
> Letters to the editor
> Reparations and SB 50
> Editor,
> Although at first blush I find myself strongly supporting SB 50, I appreciate the scope of the questions raised in Greer Stone and Pat Burt's guest opinion in the March 15 issue of the Weekly ("SB 50 undermines single-family neighborhoods and diversity").
> In the past, I was part of a group in Palo Alto called Stop The Ban (STB), which fought to overturn/forestall Palo Alto's then-proposed ban on vehicle dwellers.
> STB worked tirelessly for several years to convince the City Council and faith groups to support a Safe Parking Program or what Stone and Burt's article refers to as, "managed location for RV dwellers." The resistance to the program was overwhelming.
> We organized a panel discussion on the topic at a local church that was attended by about 100 folks, including former City Council member Karen Holman. Our keynote speaker was a counselor from a very successful Safe Parking Program in Santa Barbara. Still, we had no success in getting the powers that be in Palo Alto to consider such a program.
> I'm wondering if the answer is not a total refusal to support SB 50's call for more and dense housing, but rather, making certain that the bill includes provisions for a very large percentage of the dense housing, envisioned by SB 50, to be set aside, in perpetuity, for low- and very low-income individuals, including seniors, people of color, the disabled, the formerly unhoused, etc.
> In addition, we could begin a discussion of mandating housing for the victims, and their families, of housing segregation going back generations in Palo Alto. Yes, a big-time discussion of providing permanently free or very low rent housing as a form of reparations for the wrongs Palo Alto visited and continues to visit on our African-American brothers and sisters. SB 50 could include language that would require a principled discussion of reparations statewide.
> Aram James
> Park Street, Redwood City
Received on Fri Mar 22 2019 - 21:32:40 PDT

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