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Project at the corner of Cambridge & El Camino

From: domainremoved <Michele>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2019 16:45:17 +0900

*Dear members of the City Council,I am a regular customer of Koma Sushi.
For years, I have been walking there about twice a week for dinner with my
whole family and often with our neighbors. I greatly enjoy the freshness
and quality of the food and the care they put into preparing their sushi.
It’s often also the food we chose to bring to parties, their sushi party
plates being so beautiful and popular with everyone. I walk everywhere in
Menlo Park, but I can’t wait for the city to become more walkable and not
be one of the few residents using the sidewalks. Every progressive town
understands that by becoming more walkable, its residents walk more, are
happier, and partake in the town’s life. And there is less traffic. You
have started improvements by allowing sidewalk cafes and restaurants on
Santa Cruz, and it’s more lovely than it used to be; and also by planting
trees on El Camino. Of course the huge Safeway parking lot is a step back
from all this improvement because parking lots invite more cars. Now it’s
understood that public transit has to improve and become more efficient and
reliable, and that the city has to install a safe uninterrupted bike lane
network and safe sidewalks all over town to decrease car traffic and make
the city more walkable. Of course at street level the city needs to have
more interesting retail to look at and public spaces to encourage residents
to walk. Replacing Koma Sushi and other retail by medical offices is going
in the wrong direction to make the city more walkable. It will generate
traffic from all over the Bay Area, and the proposed development with
offices/medical offices with their continuous stream of cars coming and
going would require 91 parking spaces to accommodate all the traffic. That
would greatly increase traffic in Menlo Park and basically offer not
benefits to the residents.It would be a shame to lose Koma Sushi, and if I
would change anything is to add an ice cream shop (like Tin Pot in Town and
country) and maybe housing for the housing shortage. We don’t need more
offices in Menlo Park. The traffic is bad enough and the Cambridge/El
Camino intersection a nightmare enough with the continuous stream of car
coming fromAlma and El Camino making a U turn at Cambridge to go to Sand
Hill Road or the Stanford Shopping Center. There is also the large amount
of cut through traffic in Allied Arts turning in Cambridge. Don’t make it
worse.Thank you,Michèle Lamarre *
Received on Fri Mar 22 2019 - 00:42:00 PDT

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