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Bike Safety

From: domainremoved <menlo>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 09:45:14 -0700

Council members
Below is a list culled from a large number responses to the MenloFuture
email of March 18 entitled Bike Lights Needed, Day and Night.

   1. One doctor has a camcorder on his bike.
   2. Another Dr has one on his car. Both in case of accident.
   3. The no-right turn sign at ECR and Sandhill is not observed.
   4. LED lights make some people dizzy
   5. Equipment is stolen from the bikes at the schools and elsewhere. Big
   6. Schools could order safety products in bulk for bikers.
   7. Coleman Ave is a biking problem.
   8. fluorescent bars enhance sideways view. [IMPORTANT]
   9. Stanford used to enforce bike lights
   10. Wearing fluorescent jacket helps a lot.
   11. Schools should advise students.
   12. Protect bike lanes.
   13. Make drivers stop texting and driving.
   14. Make bikers stop texting and biking.
   15. Post signs suggesting use of lights.
   16. Do not legislate issue. Too many bikers from other cities.
   17. A respondent writes: "State law requires all bikes to have a "white
   headlight visible for (500?) feet." (I'm not sure if I have the distance
   18. Blinking lights cause confusion and are outlawed in Germany.
   19. Turn signals on helmets are available, and means bikers need not
   take hand off the handlebars.
   20. You could pass an ordinance requiring bike lights; I believe it is
   already a law. Then enforce it with a ticket that requires lights to be
   installed or pay a fine (much like getting stopped for a auto light that
   has burned out and being given a ticket).
   21. Post bloody posters showing how bikers lose when being hit by a car.
   My son was *scared *to ever use drugs because Police 1)took his class to
   jail to see it and2)showed the class the life of addicts. Have we become
   afraid to use fear?

Hope this is helpful.
Received on Thu Mar 21 2019 - 09:40:59 PDT

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