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Tenant Relocation Assistance and Community Fund

From: domainremoved <Angie>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 11:32:42 -0700

Dear Mayor Mueller and Councilmembers,

As you know, The Housing Leadership Council pushed hard for the Housing
Commission’s Tenant Relocation Assistance recommendation and we were
disappointed with the weaker measure passing after over 40 people came to
the meeting last month to share their stories. I know many of you
appreciated their testimony. While I understand that the Council felt a
limited ordinance was the best that could be passed, it's not enough. We
said it that night and we'll continue to say it. I wanted to share these
and these stories
from Redwood City renters with you all. As you heard from Councilmember
Nash during the meeting, Redwood City's ordinance should not be a model for
Menlo Park. It hasn't had the impact it intended. When you pass a "good
enough" policy instead of the making real change you leave our most
vulnerable residents with the unintended consequences. Residents with 140%
rent increases aren't sustainable for any community and should be a sign
that something is broken in the market.

On Tuesday night you will have a discussion about the community fund for
renters who are ineligible for Tenant Relocation Assistance. This is an
opportunity to help people. This fund needs to be broad and inclusive
enough cover rent burdened residents. Our teachers and nurses, many of whom
are in households that make 150-200% of AMI, are spending over half of
their income on rents. It needs to be administered by a non-profit with
expertise in homelessness prevention and housing. It's a best practice in
affordable housing and it should be in this case too. Lastly, this subsidy
must go directly to residents - not to their new landlords. This is just
bad policy making and implies that renters aren't responsible enough with
their income. We cannot conflate help with education. This policy needs to
be designed for the situations that we know will arise.

Angie Evans
Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County
Received on Tue Mar 12 2019 - 11:28:40 PDT

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