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Resolution No. 6477 comments

From: domainremoved <Pamela>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 11:37:53 -0800

Mayor Mueller, Pro Tem Mayor Taylor and Council members Carlton, Combs and

Below are considerations for *Resolution No. 6477*:

*Policy and Procedures*:

*Relationship to City Council, staff and media*

· Requiring City Council approval for requests that will take one
hour or more by staff will limited the scope of practice for the
commissions/committees and is subject to the special/personal interests of
the Council Member Liaison and/or Council. Commissions/committees are the
subject matter experts and should be designed to enhance the role of the
Council. Commissions/committees provide the public an opportunity to bring
issues that are under the scope of the commission/committee.

*City Staff Liaison*

· All meetings should be audio and/or video recorded rather than
just “action minutes” for documentation. Audio/video recordings will
provide full transparency.

*Meetings and Officers*

5. *Off-premises meeting participation*

· Commission/committee members should be held by the same
attendance standards as given council members. Up to two
commission/committee member may be participate from an off-premise location

Respectfully, Pamela D. Jones

*The impossible dissipates when **I* *becomes **WE**. *
Received on Tue Mar 05 2019 - 11:34:23 PST

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