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D2: Commissions/Committees

From: domainremoved <Pamela>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 11:06:51 -0800

Mayor Mueller, Mayor Pro Tem Taylor and Council members Carlton, Combs and

I respectfully request all Library Commission and Belle Haven Neighborhood
Library Advisory Committee (BHNLAC) recommendations be removed from Item
*D2*. Prior to a final recommendation, hold two (2) Belle Haven
neighborhood meetings. One meeting on a Saturday and the second meeting on
a weekday evening that does not conflict with other meetings. The meetings
should not be directed by staff in order to allow residents to express
their opinions.

The process used and analysis to dissolve BHNLAC misrepresents the desire
and needs of the Belle Haven neighborhood. The library staff met with
members of the BHNLAC individually after the members had expressed the
desire to continue with a new charter. Minutes are not available for the
09242018 BHNLAC meeting or 02062019 BH Branch Library next steps that
reflect community sentiment.

There has been no formal hearing of the Belle Haven residents desire as the
Library Commission chose to hold their special meeting on a night that
conflicted with other meetings of great interest to the Belle Haven

Attached is my letter to the Library Commission and staff which includes
the language of the Council’s motion on 10172017. This motion includes “… *and
would continue to provide input to staff and consultants as the branch
portion of the system improvements move forward...”*

A review of the discussion by the Complete Streets Commission establishes
the challenges of an eleven (11) member commission. An 11-member Library
Commission would more than likely experience the same challenges which
would slow down the process of a modern library within the Belle Haven

The Council must make their decisions in the best interests of the Belle
Haven neighborhood through inclusion and transparency. Delay your decision
on the Library Commission expansion until you have all pertinent

Thank-you, Pamela D. Jones

*The impossible dissipates when **I* *becomes **WE**. *

Received on Tue Mar 05 2019 - 11:03:32 PST

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