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2019 City Priority and Work Plan - Fwd: TMP and Completes Street - Willow Road improvement between Middlefield and Gilbert

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 04:12:41 +0000 (UTC)

Dear City Council Members;


Regarding the 2019 Priorities and Work Plan, I fully support and encourage Council to vote to approve it primarily with the TMP and TIF as one of the 2019 Top Priority.  It’s important to dedicate the time and resource for this crucial Project on Paper.


I offer the email below with attachment for Council as reference. It was sent to the Complete Streets Commission, TMP OOC and various Transportation staff.


Thank-you for your time and dedication (Tuesday’s meeting was truly a marathon!)


Daniel and Alice Hom

From: danielkhom_at_(domainremoved)
To: diane_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: 2/25/2019 7:41:35 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: TMP and Completes Street - Willow Road improvement between Middlefield and Gilbert

Dear TMP OOC, Complete Streets Commission members and City Staff;


Since the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and Transportation Impact Fee (TIF) Program is the highest 2019 priority program, I respectfully offer the following in advance of the 02/26/19 City Council priorities and work plan meeting.

On behalf of Daniel and Alice Hom, MP resident over 27 years living on Willow Road. My wife and I spoke last December 6th at the TMP OOC meeting opposing project #48. Thank-you for deleting it from the TMP project list. I (along with other neighbors who spoke at the meeting) wish to provide additional input and recommendations regarding Willow Road improvements primarily between Middlefield and Gilbert.

Attached pdf and embedded image provides recommendations to support the goals of the Traffic and Transportation General Plan.

·         Pedestrian crossings near Blackburn and Nash to facility safe crossing near existing public transit stops. Currently there isn’t a pedestrian crossing. Children dash across Willow or detour to the lights at Gilbert and Middlefield to safely cross Willow Road. Crossing shall be well lite, striped with electrified signals push button activated.

·         Electronic speed signs for traffic enforcement. Existing signs lack visibility and ignored. Existing signs are blocked by branches or installed at poor locations. In the evening, these signs are barely visible by speeding vehicles.

·         Re-striping of bike lanes along with reflective deliminator for improved bicycle safety. Improved visibility shall be before and after Middlefield and Gilbert along the entire planned bicycle path in MP to safely connect to Middle Ave. Palo Alto installed well designed bike paths on Channing highly visible and safe for bicyclist.

·         Re-build bulb outs and potentially installing speed humps strategically designed to calm traffic while maintaining Emergency vehicle response time and passage. Designs similar to those in Belle Haven and the Willow Neighborhood could drastically reduce speeding vehicles and road rage on Willow Road. Cars speed through this section of Willow Road at excessive speeds due to the lack of calming measures. Just yesterday a vehicle passed me unsafely because I drove within the posted speed limit.

The above request is consistent with similar plan projects on Middlefield Road, the Willows Neighborhood and Belle Haven. We ask these items be included in the TMP and Traffic and Transportation CIP future funding.

Our 4 children went to MP public schools (Laurel, Encinal, Hillview and MA). We know many families with young children in the area. Every school morning I see children biking to school or waiting for the bus (such as my daughter). It’s time to calm traffic and improve the safety of local residents. Willow Road should not be an expressway. The 2016 Circulation Element has flaws and didn’t properly account for the residential zoning of Willow Road. Quality of life is deteriorating by speeding cars, gridlock traffic, road rage and increased commute vehicles. Please work to save and preserve Menlo Park for everyone including those who live on Willow Road.

Thank-you in advance for your continued commitment to Public service.



Daniel and Alice Hom


February 24, 2019

Received on Thu Feb 28 2019 - 20:09:00 PST

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