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Please support Sharon Ave sidewalks

From: domainremoved <Jake>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019 22:45:48 +0000

Honorable Councilmembers—

I write to express my deep support for sidewalks on Sharon Ave so that the
hundreds of school children who attend La Entrada, can get to school safely. I
can think of no location in the City that is calling out for sidewalks and
safety improvements more than Sharon Ave.
As the parent of a 7, 5, and 1 year old in the district I am dreading the choice
of whether to allow them to walk to middle school vs driving them. It would be
an easy decision if Sharon Ave had sidewalks as it is the only street without
sidewalks they must traverse. Sidewalks on Sharon Ave would not only increase
safety but might even reduce traffic on the margins at the ends of the school

I understand that the Council initiated the funding for the sidewalk
construction and put the sidewalk project into the City's capital projects
pipeline.  The project stalled, however, and is at risk of being deprioritized.

NOW is the time to make the Sharon Road sidewalks a council priority.  Please
take action to continue the City's commitment to this important project.
-Jake Flomenberg
Received on Tue Feb 26 2019 - 14:41:59 PST

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