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Tenant relocation assistance

From: domainremoved <sam>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019 09:59:09 -0800

Dear City Council,

As a resident of Menlo Park and a renter, I am writing to show my strong
support for the tenant relocation assistance proposal. I have lived in this
area for almost 3 years and have seen and experienced remarkable increases
in rents within my own complex and more noticeably in the neighborhood.

My building is managed by a property management company and minimal effort
is put in to maintain the property. On most occasions, it takes multiple
calls to get things fixed or we end up doing it ourselves. I understand
this is an issue with our particular property management team but we have
no way of alerting the owners directly as the tenants. As more and more of
the complexes are purchased by owners that don’t live on the premises or
personally manage the property many owners turn to property management
companies and only care about the bottom line.

My unit was built in the 1955 and it looks much like it would have when it
was built with the exception of a few changes to the flooring and years of
wear. It works for my family because we have some wonderful neighbors and
we like the community and schools. However, I don’t know what we will do
if the rents increase much more. More concerning is that we have an 84
year old tenant retired school teacher in our building that will likely be
priced out of our community because of the rent increase. She is an asset
to our community and personally to my family. A healthy community welcomes
people of all nations, ages, and sexes and helps to maintain this diversity
and richness within the community.

Recently, two of the tenants in my building received a notice to increase
their rent over 10% of the previous rate and my family got an increase last
September. This is egregious as the increase is significantly higher than
the typical 4% cost of living increases that employers provide. My husband
and I are also concerned that we will get another rent increase so that the
units will be at “market value” and how that will impact our family. We
have two small children and one is in elementary school so moving out of
the area would significantly impact us. The tenant relocation assistance
proposal would have owners pause before raising rents significantly as it
would personal impact their profits.

Supporting the owners without considering the impact to the renters is
shortsighted and detrimental to the community. The “market value” has been
driven by the lack of housing in the area and therefore over inflating the
market and pricing of apartment units. I welcome you to come see our 900
square foot unit, it is small, outdated apartment with a high price tag.
To put this in perspective, I could pay a mortgage in a family friendly
community in San Diego for what we pay for rent in Menlo Park. This
property is paid for and the rents are mostly profit for the owners. The
steady increases seem to be more out of greed than what some on the council
said would hurt mom and pop owners.

I strongly support measures to protect renters and urge the council members
to support renters as well. Over the past 10 years, rent increases have
helped owners, not the renters. Please vote yes on this measure and
provide equal protection for the tenants that make up the fabric and
stability of the community.


Samantha Rogers

15 Kent Place Apt 3,

Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Tue Feb 26 2019 - 09:57:54 PST

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