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Please make Energy Reach Codes a 2019 Priority

From: Bret Andersen <"Bret>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 20:51:26 -0800

Honorable Council Members,


I urge you to make the study and eventual adoption of a new 2019 energy reach code a priority for Menlo Park in 2019.


An all-electric reach code in 2019 is a relatively easy yet decisive step away from fossil fuel use in buildings, a top contributor to GHG emissions and poor indoor air quality across our region. Increasingly, we in Palo Alto and many other cities in California will depend on each other to align our climate friendly policy efforts in order to signal the end of the natural gas era and kickstart market development. We must make smart building decisions the easy decisions for residents, businesses and designers across our communities.


Building codes are a deciding factor in whether we can switch off fossil fuel use fast enough to head off the worst of climate change. Today’s codes are outdated and favor natural gas. Local reach codes open the door to faster deployments of the ultra-efficient, cost effective, renewable electric solutions that are already available. All electric buildings are safer, healthier and cheaper to operate. They also avoid the waste of further public and private investment in fossil fuel infrastructure and devices that will soon be obsolete.


The 2019 code cycle has led to an opportunity where many cities across California will save time and money by sharing studies and best practices for climate protection oriented policies. Cities are receiving further implementation support form PCE and SVCE. Please take full advantage of the opportunity a 2019 Energy Reach Code represents for Menlo Park.



Thank You,


Bret Andersen, Carbon Free Palo Alto


Received on Mon Feb 25 2019 - 20:47:32 PST

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