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Proposed Ordinance

From: domainremoved <Kevin>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 15:22:46 -0800

Dear honorable members of the Menlo Park City Council,

We are owners of an 8 unit apartment complex on Noel Drive. We have owned this complex since 2007. We are not a large company, we are just independent owners who have tried to do right for our tenants, our neighborhood and the greater community. We have both lived in San Mateo County for over 50 years and have seen the area change drastically. We are well aware of the problems that soaring rents have caused for young people, long-term tenants and people who are on fixed incomes. We feel that we have been sensitive to these issues where it has concerned our tenants and believe that this is reflected by the low turnover at our complex. We also understand that there are greedy people out there who are unscrupulous and that these type of landlords make it bad for the rest of us. We would hope that if you were to speak with our tenants, they would all say that they feel that they are treated fairly and that we are responsive to their living arrangements.

We have been lucky to have had many good tenants. We have had some tenants that we wished we had not rented to, but we have never evicted anyone, nor have we not renewed their lease. The situation would have to be of a serious nature for us to make this type of consideration. If and when this type of situation were to come up, these types of ordinances become difficult on the landlord who is trying to protect their property and in some cases the living environment for other tenants. We strongly encourage you to consider allowing landlords to retain the right to not renew leases upon their expirations. As mentioned we have with all of our tenants for the past 12 years, but we need to have the ability to get out of a bad situation when a tenant is behaving badly.

When making your decision please take into consideration that there are many of us who are trying to do the right thing, an ordnance restricting our rights is equally bad to one that does the same to tenants.


Kevin and Nan Daley
Owners of 1044 and 1046 Noel Drive, Menlo Park, CA
Received on Mon Feb 25 2019 - 15:18:56 PST

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