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Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance

From: domainremoved <Arlene>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:08:44 -0800

Dear Mayor Mueller and Members of the City Council,

I cannot sufficiently express my concern regarding the adverse impact of
this proposal on small family owned businesses like mine.

I sincerely fear that this proposition would threaten my family’s
livelihood by rendering the sole business that has sustained my family for
60 years unviable. I’m most concerned that it would cause independent
owners like myself, who owns and operates only one apartment of merely six
units, to be unable to pay the necessary property maintenance expenses.

Having developed personal relationships with all of my tenants over these
past six decades, one of whom has occupied her unit for 18 years, I
strongly value and respect the responsibility I hold as landlord to keep
the condition of my property as high as possible while keeping living costs
for my tenants as low as possible. Most of my tenants are young families,
and I can certainly empathize as a grandmother with a family of my own to
support. Therefore, I have never raised rents to an unreasonable rate,
though I continue to find it increasingly difficult to afford the rising
costs of necessary maintenance and insurances such as property, fire and
earthquake insurance in addition to taxes and all other required routine

I implore you to please consider the very negative human repercussions
which will come with the passage of this proposal and strongly urge you to
reject the proposition.

Thank you,

Arlene Geary

270 Waverley St. Apartment Owner
Received on Mon Feb 25 2019 - 00:04:57 PST

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