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Sharon Road sidewalk

From: domainremoved <Dorothy>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 22:28:28 -0800

Members of the City Council,

As a long time resident of Sharon Rd. and a parent of La Entrada students, I can not stress enough the need for a safer environment for the kids who walk to and from school.
I accompany my children every school day to
La Entrada and have witnessed numerous near misses between cars and pedestrians over the years. This is very unnerving since my route to and from campus is less than 15 minutes and in that short window I witness multiple traffic violations each week.
The addition of sidewalks to Sharon Rd. between Alameda de las Pulgas and Altschul would be wonderful. Keeping cars and pedestrians separate is the right thing to do for this very short but much used part of the street.
I invite any interested member/ members of the City Council to “ walk to school with us “ so you can truly see the urgency for this small but impactful project to be approved.
Please hear our needs and vote accordingly, there are many more people in support of this than in opposition.

Thank you,
Dorothy Jannink

P.S. we start our walk to school Monday- Friday at 7:45am sharp, we hope you can join us one of the upcoming mornings.

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