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proposed sidewalk construction on Sharon Rd.

From: domainremoved <Pat>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:32:10 -0800

Dear City Council,



We are the owners of the property at 2145 Sharon Rd.  We are opposed to the construction of a sidewalk(s) on Sharon Rd. between the Alameda and La Entrada school.  We support a proposal to ensure safe access for parents and children to La Entrada but would ask that the City Council present a range of alternative solutions and associated costs before taking any action.


We have lived at the adjoining property of 2140 Clayton Drive since 1973. We purchased 2145 Sharon Rd. in 1996 from Wallace Jones who had lived there for over 60 years. Wally used to tell us stories about how he would go deer hunting in Sharon Heights when he first moved into the house.  Obviously a lot has changed since then.


There is now considerable traffic on Sharon Rd., both vehicular and pedestrian, especially during school drop off and pick up hours. This increase has come in part since a traffic light was installed at the intersection of Sharon rd. and the Alameda in the early 1990’s.


Like all of our neighbors, (and parents of children attending La Entrada) we believe  that La Entrada students should  have the safest possible access to the school. (As a recent example, the residents of Clayton Drive lobbied for two years to have the county put a 100 ft. “no parking strip” on the curb/sidewalk on Alameda at the intersection of Clayton Drive and Alameda to provide us greater visibility to children walking and on bicycles on our side of the Alameda).


We believe the best solution would be one that splits the traffic between vehicles and pedestrian/cyclists. This could be done by turning the adjacent street (Harkins) into the preferred cyclist/pedestrian route to the school, and maintaining  Sharon Rd. as the preferred route for vehicles. Harkins already has sidewalks on both sides of the street covering over 50% of the block. Furthermore, there is minimal vehicle traffic on this street. Students could be encouraged to use Harkin by re-locating bike racks, etc.


Before spending the estimated $1million to construct a sidewalk we would ask that the City Council explore alternative solutions together with estimated costs. As part of this exploration, we would like to better understand the difference between initial estimated costs and final costs that the city has experienced with similar sidewalk projects. A detailed schedule showing the last five sidewalk projects with the initial estimated costs—when first proposed(similar to the situation we are now in) and then the final costs of the projects. Also—relative costs of putting a sidewalk on Sharon Rd. vs. Harkins.


We believe that the proposed solution has been put forth without sufficient study by the City Council and ask that further study be done and alternative solutions developed.


We plan to be at the February 26th meeting to hear and participate in the discussion.



Pat and Ginger Connolly

2145 Sharon Road

Received on Sat Feb 16 2019 - 10:28:25 PST

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