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Fwd: shorter email to city council

From: domainremoved <linda>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2019 16:04:31 -0800

Dear City Council-Thank you for your hard work on our community's behalf.
In addition, thank you for your recent attention to the issue of installing
sidewalks on Sharon Rd.

For the past 2 years, I have been a member of Parents for Safe Routes, as
the Las Lomitas Parent Coordinator. While all of us in Parents for Safe
Routes share the common mission of making it safer for children to get to
school, we sometimes disagree on how to achieve this. The two of us LLESD
members in Parents for Safe Routes strongly feel that sidewalks on Sharon
Rd should be the highest priority right now. I have the highest respect for
Jen Wolosin, the founder of Parents for Safe Routes, but her recent emails
to City Council, first on January 29 and again this week, do not represent
the views of all of us in the group. I respect her right as a citizen and a
parent to send the emails, but I was not aware of them before they were
sent and do not agree with them.

Sidewalks on Sharon Rd enjoy broad community support, not just from parents
and students, but from residents who want to be able to walk their dogs,
jog, or go up to the Sharon Heights shopping center safely. In addition,
significant progress has already been made in procuring funding and
support. Independent of Ray Mueller, several of us in the neighborhood have
already gone door to door to talk to neighbors who live on the block that
would be affected.

The current situation on Sharon Rd is extremely dangerous. There are no
sidewalks, and students must walk out into the road to avoid garbage cans,
puddles, and parked cars on the narrow shoulder. It is a very busy road
with lots of traffic, just as the children are walking to school. Please
remember that La Entrada starts at 4th grade, so there are 9 year olds
doing this. It is only a matter of time before a student is seriously
injured or killed.

In addition, many other projects have been completed for MPCSD: sidewalks
on Santa Cruz to Hillview, bike lanes on Oak Grove, improvements around
Upper Laurel. Heck, they even have crossing guards! LLESD has gotten
nothing, and now we are asking for one block--only one block--of sidewalks.

Given that Councilman Mueller has already procured some funding for the
project, it can happen quickly. Given the current and extremely dangerous
current conditions, it MUST happen quickly. I beg you to move quickly on
installing sidewalks on Sharon Rd.

Thank you for your consideration,

Linda Barman
LLESD parent
forrmer member, Parents for Safe Routes
Received on Fri Feb 15 2019 - 16:00:53 PST

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