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please explain

From: domainremoved <Kathy>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 13:52:23 -0800

*Dear Menlo Park City Council Member,*

*I am reviewing the rent control proposal to be voted on this evening.
Here are my notes and questions in bold purple.*
8.55.040 Relocation assistance.
The landlord shall provide relocation assistance where required by Section
8.55.030 to an eligible tenant as set forth below:

(a) Three times the most current applicable Housing and Urban Development
(HUD)-published Fair Market Rent for San Mateo County based on the rental
unit size; $2809 * *3 = $8,427 for 2 bedroom*

(b) A sixty-day (60-day) subscription to a rental agency service; and - *I
can not find any examples of what this is or how much this would cost. Do
you know?*

(c) In addition to the payment specified in Section 8.55.040 (a) above,
special circumstances households will also receive a payment equal to one
times the most current applicable Housing and Urban Development
(HUD)-published Fair Market Rent for San Mateo County based on the rental
unit size. + *$2809*
*Total cost to assist a tenant could be $11,236 plus 60 days of unknown
fees in 2019. Is this correct?*

*It seems prudent to clarify the following guidelines at the same time the
proposed rent control is adopted. What constitutes "taking" and
"financially infeasible?" Be sure to spell this out if adopting this
ordinance and include the specific details in the ordinance to avoid
confusion and lawsuits.*
A landlord may request a waiver or adjustment of the relocation assistance
payment required by this section upon:
(a) A showing that strict application of its requirements would effectuate
an unconstitutional taking of property or otherwise have an
unconstitutional application to the property;
(b) Other grounds that make payment of the full relocation assistance
payment financially infeasible. The director of community development shall
have authority to adopt guidelines to administer this provision.

Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers for the San
Francisco-Oakland-Hayward area, published by the U.S. Department of Labor,
Bureaus of Labor Statistics (CPI) plus five percent (5%) above the base
*How does one find this number? This should be spelled out in the
regulations as I found both 4.5% and 3.67% figures for CPI in this MSA.*

*2018 3.67%*

*2018 4.5%*
*So the maximum rental increase in a 12-month period is 8.67% or 9.5%? Is
that correct?*

*Do you have any concern that your proposed regulations will lead to hidden
rental discrimination of 62+, physically challenged, and children?*

*I ask all these questions for your benefit and for clarity for myself and
others. I do not like to increase rents if at all possible. Sometimes
with long term tenants, the market gets away from me and I have to catch up
a little, but the two times I did this in the last 29 years, I gave about
one year's advance notice and proposed an incremental increase.*

*If I read your ordinance increase allowances correctly, I do not forsee
needing to impose such a large rent increase at one time. Of course,
drastic market changes, consistent negative CPI, a severe earthquake, or
some other crisis may affect the fairness of this proposal. I defer to
professional landlords for discernment. *

*I have just 2 units that I rely on for my income, retirement, and future
housing for myself. If I had to pay the rental assistance in this
proposal, it would be a hardship.*

Take Care,

*Kathy Kroesche*
Cell 408-438-0103
Received on Tue Feb 12 2019 - 13:48:53 PST

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