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Please vote to approve Tenant Relocation Assistance

From: domainremoved <Julian>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 09:18:19 -0800

Dear City Council,
The proposed tenant relocation assistance ordinance is the bare minimum we can do for our rent-burdened tenants. Please approve it in its thoughtful comprehensive form as proposed by the housing commission after months of public deliberation, with one possible improvement, which would be to tie the sunset provision to vacancy rates rather than a specific date.
This ordinance will mitigate the disastrous impact of displacement. It will prevent homelessness. It’s the very least we can and must do.
I believe it is CRUCIAL that you pass this as an urgency ordinance, so landlords do not act in haste to raise rents or evict tenants. Even fair landlords understandably may feel threatened by the passage of the ordinance and act before they realize that they are perfectly able to operate with its parameters, and in fact, support the policy because they, too, care about their community.
Please keep in mind the myriad ways in which we support homeowners
- We make the mortgage tax deduction available to all who qualify. There is no “wait list” due to limited budget, as there is with section 8 subsidies.
- We give huge tax breaks to homeowners through Prop 13 and the subsequent extension of Prop 13 tax discounts to family members who inherit property.
Let’s extend a modicum of protection to our most vulnerable residents. Please pass Tenant Relocation Assistance in a comprehensive form that is most likely to help the rent-burdened tenants it is designed to protect. Over 40% of Menlo Park’s residents are suffering under the burden of sky-rocketing rents. They deserve the respect we show homeowners and landlords. Help them.
Julian Cortella
16 year resident of Menlo Park, high school math teacher, and homeowner
Received on Tue Feb 12 2019 - 09:14:14 PST

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