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Tenant Relocation

From: domainremoved <Mizgayle>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2019 17:52:43 -0800

Dear Mayor and City Council,

As a long time rental owner in Menlo Park, I am appalled that something as absurd as being responsible for relocating tenants is even being considered.

We are already over burdened with being thought of as the bad guy regardless of the situation. Being responsible for a persons roof over their head is already a heavy load and no matter what the tenant does the financial loss is typically that if the landlord.

This law would just open the door to tenants doing just enough for a landlord to want them out in order to get four months of living expenses.

Can’t happen because there are laws and leases?
My latest experience is a tenant who changed her shower head without permission ( broke her lease), allowed it to leak inside the wall for over a year and never notified me when the wall started to show a problem ( another breech of her lease) , but waited until the sheetrock and paint was slipping to the floor with large holes.

When she finally told me I should take a look at her bathroom wall it was clear that the bathroom needed a complete remodel as inside the walls was now mostly dry rot and mold. Upon inspection the tile floor and sink was also cracked and needing replacement. My building is immaculate.

On all counts she was 100% responsible but it was up to me to make her apartment inhabitable. My insurance would not cover a water issue because it wasn’t reported in a timely manner despite my opening a case within one hour of knowing of the extreme damage. SHE didn’t report it to me until the damage was gross and that somehow became my problem.

A new bathroom, water remediation and air tests plus paying for her hotel for three months while the mess was cleaned up cost me just under $50,000.

NOW I have to hire an attorney to try and be reimbursed. Highly unlikely. I need to get some kind of medical release from her because she has insinuated suing me for mold exposure which is crazy because she caused it herself, stayed in it for a long time before reporting it and continued to go into apartment during remodeling even when she was instructed to stay out for her own safety further exposing herself.

You would think that would be enough. Not a chance. The law now says if there is any kind of issue with my tenant, even though resolved at my expense I am not allowed to evict her for SIX months in order for the issue to clearly not be the reason she is being asked to move. Never mind her repeatedly breaking her lease!

Now you want to add a law that says I have to move her and pay for four months rent in her new apartment? How does this seam fair? Any idea why rents are so high? I can give you a lot of reasons as it’s the only thing landlords can use to help offset the cost and unfairness of these anti-landlord laws.


Gayle Tier
Tri-County Apartment Association
Seaside Artist’s Association
Board of Directors
Received on Sat Feb 09 2019 - 17:49:09 PST

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