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sidewalks on Sharon Road

From: domainremoved <Ann>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2019 21:05:09 +0000

Dear Council Members,

I am writing to oppose sidewalks on Sharon Road. I may have misinformation, because I only learned of this project from neighbors. I have had no official information or contact with my council representative. A neighborhood meeting with shared information would be very helpful. Whom do I contact to arrange such a meeting?

Installing sidewalks on my block of Sharon Road without a broader approach to traffic problems is too narrow, and is frankly ignorant of the issues faced by pedestrians. I walk daily in my neighborhood both to exercise my dog and myself and to visit local businesses. I have never experienced problems walking along the roadway, but my dog was grazed while we crossed the intersection of Edgewood and Sharon (crosswalk, sidewalks), and I was slammed by a car while crossing Avy at Altschul (four stop signs, sidewalks, crosswalks). In the first accident, the driver offered to pay my vet bills, and in the second the driver came to my assistance as I struggled to breath and stand up. At the corner of Sharon and the Alameda, Iíve had a truck pass the car stopped for me and cut me off, and twice Iíve needed to run back to the curb as drivers turned right while only looking left. At all of these incidents, I was crossing with timed pedestrian lights in crosswalks. All of these incidents occurred one block from La Entrada School.

Possible solutions to these and other near misses would be the installation of lines of white reflector circles at Edgewood and Sharon Roads and at the Alameda and Sharon Road. There should be a ďno right turn on redĒ prohibition at the corner of Sharon Road and the Alameda.

It is my understanding that a group of parents wants sidewalks for safety as they walk their children to school. They cite heavy traffic. Much of the traffic is La Entrada parents. There are four streets approaching La Entrada: La Mesa; Sharon Road; Avy Avenue; and Harkins (a particularly narrow street used by school buses). The school district provides energy efficient school buses.. There are alternatives to sidewalks on Sharon Road.

My neighbors and I have been vilified as being unconcerned with child safety and as being hateful toward children. (These comments I have personally heard.) On my block there are two former presidents of local school boards, a teacher, a PTA president, and others actively involved in local schools. For four years I worked pro bono to reform foster care in San Mateo County. I worked to prevent child abuse and to support the emotional health of students to enhance learning. I currently work in an agency I established in Redwood City to provide literacy assistance to middle school students. I do no hate children and my neighbors do not hate children.

Sincerely yours,

Ann Wahlund Latta
2198 Sharon Road, Menlo Park, 94025
650 704-2710
Received on Fri Feb 08 2019 - 13:01:32 PST

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