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No sidewalks on Sharon Road!

From: domainremoved <Karen>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2019 16:39:14 -0800

I have lived at 2140 Sharon Road in Menlo Park for nearly forty years. For
nearly all of those years I have been employed as a middle school teacher.

An important part of the training in my profession is around the topic of
student safety, so I was quite interested to learn about the proposal to
install sidewalks in front of my home on Sharon Road, as the reason given
for the proposal was to “improve student safety”. My husband and I have
never been made aware of accidents involving students on Sharon Road on
their way to or from La Entrada School; our own two sons who attended La
Entrada never were made aware of any problems either. If there is specific
historical data on this topic would you mind sharing it with our

During my teaching career I have taught at several schools, none of which
have had sidewalks in the residential areas around the schools. From what
I understand, on a national level there is no good accident information
available which would demonstrate any relationship between child safety in
areas with sidewalks, and areas without sidewalks.

On many occasions I certainly have witnessed students “horsing around” on
their way to or from my school; on occasion they may enter the roadway or
emerge from behind a parked cars. Obviously, this is dangerous behavior,
but certainly this would happen regardless if the street had a sidewalk or

When Menlo Park councilman Ray Mueller stopped by our home to “drum up
support” for the Sharon Road sidewalk initiative, my sense was that he was
quite surprised as to how many of our neighbors were opposed to the idea.

Another important reason many neighbors were opposed to the concept was the
inevitable loss of street parking that would be required with the
installation of a sidewalk. Parking on the street is already very
impacted. When there is any kind of event at the school our street serves
as the “overflow parking lot”.

As someone who bicycles regularly to work, I’m also concerned that the
proposed addition of sidewalks would make our road much less “bike
friendly” than it currently is.

I have read in the local newspaper that the proposed budget for this
project was close to $1M. My husband and I are opposed to the concept of
sidewalks on Sharon Road and we’re confident that the smart Menlo Park city
planners can find many creative and good alternative opportunities to spend


Karen Reis

Received on Wed Feb 06 2019 - 16:35:47 PST

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