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Sidewalks Sharon Road

From: domainremoved <MARCI>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2019 13:43:14 -0800

Dear City Council


I am a resident at 2176 Sharon Road and yesterday I received an email from someone named Janelle London regarding funds that may have been allocated to put sidewalks in on Sharon Road between the Alameda and Altschul.  The email encourages neighbors to write the City Council in support of this plan and to ensure the project moves forward.  I was quite surprised that the City Council can or does allocate money before the residents of the street they propose to change are all notified.


As a resident of Sharon Road I am very uncomfortable that we have not been notified or brought into the discussion process of such an impactful project to our street.  A sidewalk sounds simple to some, but the reality of what it would entail to construct is anything but simple.  If the project were to be constructed properly the entire road would need to be re-engineered and drainage issues addressed/added and utilities addressed.  Is the City willing to commit the money to do the project properly? Currently no storm drain system exists and drainage is an issue along most of the street.  The road is so low at some points extensive studies and engineering would be needed to assure each resident is not negatively impacted.  You have the issue of utility poles as well on both sides of the street.  Additionally, I would strongly oppose any parking restriction on Sharon as a result of said sidewalks.


I would request that the City Council take a step back from this and reach out to all residents of Sharon Road to discuss/explain this proposed project and gain our feedback and then determine allocation of funds.  This looks and feels like the sidewalk/cross walk fiasco on Santa Cruz or the pop up park in downtown!





Marci Coggins

(650) 464-0798
Received on Wed Feb 06 2019 - 13:39:40 PST

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