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Menlo Park 2019 Goal Settings Recommendations

From: domainremoved <Annielka>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2019 12:56:45 -0800

Dear City Council Members,

I've submitted my comments in the City Council Goal Setting website and I
wanted to make sure you receive them directly.

*Priority 1:*
Make the new Belle Haven Library a priority, separate from the improvement
plans for the main library
and build it now! not five or ten years from now. You have the chance to
make the new Belle Haven
Library a benchmark of high quality, innovative and state of the art
design. Build a new modern robust
facility that includes the new *Belle Haven Library*, the *Senior
Center*, *Onetta
Harris Community Center*
and the *Belle Haven Pool* – guaranteeing the residents are the priority
for use of the pool and not the
employees of the private companies surrounding the pool. The land is
available in that location. You can
support higher building limits to which the developers have been allowed to
build throughout the M2 area
to make it happen. This facility would have such a great positive impact
furthermore it would become the
paragon of Belle Haven where everyone would be welcome.

*Priority 2:*
For the past 6 years, the city of Menlo Park has allowed developers to
build massive levels of
construction, making the Belle Haven neighborhood the center of activity.
District 1 is bringing forth the
vast majority of funds for the city of Menlo Park as property taxes have
increased in the Belle Haven as
well as the development in the M2 area, yet the residents of District 1 are
alone bearing the burden of the
impacts: not having an amenities fund exclusively for Belle Haven, having
cut-through traffic, having cars
running through stop signs and hundreds of cars trapping us in during the
morning and evening rush
hours. We continue to wait for the City Council to enforce Developers to be
held accountable to
successfully achieve the benefits and amenities promised at the time of
purchasing land. The quality of
life for residents in District 1 has to become a priority; finally, be
improved to match the rest of the
residents in Menlo Park. Having retail stores and basic services that make
our community livable.
Transparency of funds and plans from the city must be made available to the
public and be a priority.

*Priority 3:*
Provide high-quality education to all children living in Menlo Park. Make
Belle Haven Elementary School
become part of the Menlo Park School District or allow it to become its own
new district. We need equity
in education. The city of Menlo Park cannot wish for a brighter, successful
future without investing in our
children in the present.

*Priority 4:*
More affordable housing must be built throughout Menlo Park for example
near the train station where
currently you have retail stores, restaurants and outdoor spaces accessible
and available. Housing plans
must include families with children not just individuals and couples.
Affordable housing should not be
concentrated only in Belle Haven or the M2 area but throughout the whole
city of Menlo Park. I support the Tenants Relocation Assistance Program.

I’m hopeful the city of Menlo Park will do right by all its citizens
equally; rather than by the developers’
interests and demands.

Annielka Pérez
Received on Sat Feb 02 2019 - 12:53:23 PST

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